Frequently Asked Questions


Q: How much are your tents? 

A: Our lovely bell tents come in two sizes. Our 4m tents can sleep up to four people and are $395 for two people + $25pp for extra guests. Our larger 5M tents can accommodate six people and are $445 for four people + $25pp for extra guests. You also have to pay for your campsite which varies in price. Our extra items, like kitchenware, are also available for hire and their cost can be found listed on our 'Overnight Adventures' page. We also have overflow accommodation options for Weddings & Events, all guest accomodation is $395 for two people + $25pp after that, no matter the tent size! All these prices are inclusive of a two night stay (what a bargain!). 


Q: How does it work? 

A: You choose a spot you want to camp - either get in touch with us to find out where we already set up, or pick your own favourite camping spot. You then book this campsite - please note that it is essential to liaise between us and your chosen campsite to work out if we are both available before you book anything. We can help with this process so send us an email! Once the site is booked, we come in and set up your beautiful tent. You enjoy your adventure and we pack it all up at the end, saving you the hassle. We're like glamping fairies!


Q: Can I use your tents for a day time event? 

A: Yes! We love birthday parties, hen's nights and wedding receptions. A tent decked out with pillows, rugs and decorations galore can start from $350. 


Q: Can I bring my pets? 

A: We love all creatures great and small ... but many campsites don't. If you're after a glamping experience with your pet, ask us to find you a pet friendly place to go! 


Q: Why hasn't someone answered my phone call?! 

A: We are a small business, operated by an equally small but hard working team. The business phone is in the hands of our wonderful, multi-tasking, director - Danni. She is often out on the road, setting up tents, and has no reception. Send us an email and we promise you'll get an answer very quickly! If you really want to call someone, have a bit of patience and Danni will get back to you as soon as possible. 


Q: What happens if it rains? 

A: We are a team of campers, so we know the frustration of weather. If there is a significant amount of rain, or other extreme conditions, we will offer you the opportunity to re-schedule your glamping experience. 


Q: Is there power?

A: No. Enjoy the wonder of literally 'switching off' for a while. Your tent is lit by solar powered fairy lights and lanterns. You should check what kitchen facilities your campsite has before arriving and you are always welcome to borrow one of our camp-stoves. Leave your phone at home (or in the car!) and bring an esky to keep your food cool, and we guarantee you a fantastic experience. 


Q: What's included in my tent? 

A: Everything you could possibly need! A comfortable bed, luscious linen and towels, lighting, side-tables, rug and fairy lights to illuminate your tent. We can also include anything you want from a bottle of wine, chocolates or a bunch of flowers. Just ask our friendly team for special requests.


Q: How long is my quote valid?

A. Quote(s) are valid for 72 hours and require payment to secure your booking. Dates quickly book out with us and with campsites so we encourage clients to ensure your campsite is booked once you receive confirmation that we have dates and hire equipment available to you. We don't want you to miss out!